Transform your Health

age 44
age 56

Hi there, I’m Natalie a Nutritionist and Gut Health Practitioner.

That’s me in the pictures to the left. First at 44, (and still at 46) not looking happy (nor was I) in my sick uncomfortable body…

Covered with Eczema, sleeping with ice packs on my arms every night to relieve the relentless itching; Suffering with Chronic Back Pain; Constant Hay-fever; Overweight And… Bloating (looking 6-mths pregnant ALL the time)

And now at 56 feeling amazing and (dare I say) looking much healthier than when I was 44, with … NO…Eczema; Back pain; Hay-fever; Bloating or Hot Flushes – ALL gone! And a loss of over 12kg (27lbs)

You’re probably wondering how does a Nutritionist end up with all of these problems??

Well… I wasn’t always a Nutritionist. I used to be a Speech and Drama Teacher and just like anyone with the demands of work, 3 kids, life etc. I put THEM first and ME on the back shelf. Until I fell of that shelf, and literally broke into pieces. Doctors told me that it was a ‘normal’ part of aging but I couldn’t accept that so went back to study Nutrition.

It was there I discovered the Gut Microbiome – a micro-community of organisms that outnumber our human cells by 100:1 – and keep the body working like a well-oiled piece of machinery. I discovered… that  When IT struggles YOU struggle, When IT flourishes YOU flourish. So I went about reading all the research on creating a healthy and flourishing Microbiome, created a blueprint for success, a FOOD and LIFESTYLE prescription, based on cutting edge research.

I’m living proof of its effectiveness, along with now over 400 clients worldwide who have transformed their health – and most importantly – have sustained that transformation with the Protocol I developed.

How You Can Get Your Health Back… With No Deprivation

If you’re anything like me, over the years, you probably tried any number of health fads… Juice cleanses, protein shakes, celery juice diet, diet programs or whatever extreme trend was in vogue right now… Only to find you feel better for a while but soon end up feeling lack lustre again.

They didn’t work because they were a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘diet’ and let’s face it there are no ‘quick fixes’! If there were, we’d all be walking around looking like Elle Macpherson 😉

If you are serious about turning your health around – forever – then…

the Gut Rebalancing Protocol is for YOU!!

If I can help I WILL… If I can’t I will point you in the right direction

Let’s talk… you can tell me about the health issues you’re experiencing and how you’d like to feel.

I’ll tell you about HOW I work and if we’re a match… we’ll get started in Transforming your Health


“How Do I Know If What You Do Works?”

Good question!

You don’t know me.

Read below and see what just a few of my clients have said.

I felt fatigued and bloated all the time, with no energy… headaches… I needed to lose weight, as the doctor diagnosed me as being pre-diabetic. I wanted to feel better and get back to being fit and healthy. After 4 weeks of working with Natalie, I lost 5.8kg (13lbs), have no headaches, bloating is gone, and I have so much energy. A lot of people tell me I am looking good and have lost weight. I’m a walking recommendation for your program.”

– Anthea (53)

“When I started at 79kg I had a goal to get to 72kg. Now at the 56-Day mark I weighed myself and I’m 69.5 kg!! To think I lost 9.5kg eating the most delicious food, with no calorie counting, no deprivation and I have been breastfeeding and eating heaps!! Having all the Shopping Lists made shopping a breeze, especially with 2 kids in tow. And then at night it was as simple taking out a recipe and making it (most recipes take 20-30mins). Life has become so much easier and I am feeling really good. What I really liked is the weekly podcasts that explained the ‘why’. Natalie, thank you so much. I have life-long skills that is going to keep me and my family healthy

– Angela (35) Breastfeeding Mother of 4-mth old with a 2yr old Toddler.

“Week 1 – The meals have been delicious and very filling.  I am eating things I have never tried before. I feel in great hands and find Natalie friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth. 

One key factor is that I now feel in control.  I was eating mindlessly because I didn’t have a goal and didn’t want to change my lifestyle.  That has changed, and I am looking forward to the future and being in good health.

My blood pressure has dropped; the mucus in my throat (that I’ve had for nearly 2 yrs) was gone after week 3; coughing has stopped. I have lost almost 8 kgs and 11 cms off my waist. I have recently had blood tests which show my cholesterol has gone from 7.3 to 4.8, my inflammation levels are now normal and my liver is repairing. I am very pleased. My gut feels great and as a bonus my husband’s health has improved too”

– Anne (63)

Don’t Delay Another Day

You may have been thinking about doing something for a while. But just don’t know where to start.

Don’t wait for a ‘health crisis’ to remind you that you need to do something. P.S. Sick care is expensive

As Charles Darwin said…“It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one’s most responsive to change”

Let me help you make the CHANGES you need to survive and thrive – YOUR Health Goals are MY Focus.


Let me help you…

+ Reach and maintain a healthy weight
+ Say goodbye to bloating & digestive complaints
+ Balance hormones – no more PMS or hot flushes
+ Stop cravings and food addictions
+ Sleep like a baby – a good baby that is 😉
+ Restore energy levels
+ Eliminate aches and pains
+ Have clear radiant skin
With a simple road-map to Optimal health I have changed the lives of women and men across the globe.

I am committed and very passionate about helping you live a healthy life with naturally-derived, nutrient dense whole foods (not supplements or powders) that contribute to a healthy gut which equals a healthy body. 

I am a published Author, Presenter and Speaker and Contributor to website blogs, newspaper and magazine articles. I look forward to chatting with you. Nat x